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Spring Purple Flowers

Monday, March 17, 2014

“Sing like no one’s listening,

love like you’ve never been hurt,

dance like nobody’s watching,


Spring purplish purple cheri cottrell illustraot flowers

live like its heaven on earth.”

~ Mark Twain ~

Spring purple flowers cheri cottrell artist and illustrator

Spring purple flowers purplish

Spring purplish purple cheri cottrell illustraot flowers

spring purple things flowers

Spring purple flowers cheri cottrell artist and illustrator

Saturday felt like Spring…I opened several windows. I felt like Julie Andrews in the “Sound of Music“, you know the song…”The hills are alive with the sound of music…” Not warm enough for flip-flops but were getting there.

I went to the Boston Flower Show with my daughters this week. I saw beautiful flowers it was just enough to waken all the senses. I couldn’t wait to get home and put flowers everywhere! In the midst of my spring mood I wanted to paint something purple in the honor of spring. Sometimes if I am out and about town and I have an idea I will grab anything and sketch it out on a piece of scrap paper, napkin – just about anything. I remembered I had put it in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose it…I think you know where I am going with this. I couldn’t find it. Do you ever do that ? I searched everywhere, cleaned out draws, went through closets, looked in all my coats and pants pockets, etc. Nope nowhere to be found. Eventually I gave up defeated. Yesterday was a full work day starting a 5 AM. I took out all my supplies and was ready to start, when I opened up a sketch pad and between the papers…UREKA!!! I found it. Yes it all makes sense now! I had put it in the sketch book so when I wanted to sketch something I would have found it! At the end of my day yesterday, I pulled out a small box and labeled it “Scraps Thoughts and Sketches.” I even gave it a honoray place in my art room. Now all I need to do is remember to put them in there when I get home…

Spring purplish purple cheri cottrell illustraot flowers

Have a wonderful day full of spring purple flowers!

Warmly ,


Winter StoryHome

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bean produced three berries from his pocket, but seemed disappointed with the result.


Without letting Coco see his worried eyes, he reached in for more and was alarmed when his small paws felt nothing but the seam of his coat pocket.

“The berries! The berries are gone!” exclaimed Bean.

Coco watched her friend search his coat. In the bottom corner of his right-hand pocket was a small hole.

Coco looked at Bean with sympathetic eyes and then at the three small berries in his hand.

Winter story cheri cottrell illustrator children's story


“At least we have something.”


But Coco, what are we going to do with –’ however before Bean could finish his thought, Coco let out a loud squeal.

“Look!” yelled Coco enthusiastically. In the distance was a fallen tree. “We can use some of the bark to build a shelter.”


The two Hammies trudged through the snow to investigate the tree. At the base was an old wooden door.

Winter story, children's story, cheri cottrell illustrator


“I think someone lives here,” cautioned Bean. “We shouldn’t intrude.”


Coco was less polite.


“But where else can we go?” Coco asked as she curled her tiny paw and rapped on the thick wooden door.


The door creaked open, revealing an empty chamber. The floor was covered in dry grass and beach rose decorated the dry dirt walls.

winter story, children's story cheri cottrell illustrator


It’s an old root cellar!” shouted Coco.

Protected from the cold wintery elements, Bean carefully placed each berry in a chipped seashell and offered them to his friend.

winter story, children's story, cheri cottrell illustrator


“You have them, “ said Bean.


“No, we’ll have them.” Whispered Coco, the joy of sharing with her friend made her nose wiggle and her whiskers bounce with happiness!



That night the wind whipped and the snow blew, but Coco and Bean were none the wiser. Exhausted and drowsy from the trek, the two fell asleep easily in spite of their hollow tummies.

Watercolor illustrations Cheri Cottrell


The following morning, Coco and Bean were awakened – not by a Boondoogle – but by the sound of Papa Dubois and Papa Higgins banging on the wooden door.


“Hello, is anyone there?” bellowed Papa Higgins through the great door.


Coco and Bean awoke from their makeshift grass beds and ran towards the door. Coco reached for the doorknob but before she could turn it, the door swung open.


Papa Dubois and Papa Higgins scooped up the little Hammies in their arms and hugged them tightly.

“How did you know we were here?” asked Coco.


“We followed the trail of berries,” said Papa Dubois. “We found one by the snowman and then another and another and another, until they led us here.”

Cheri Cottrell storyteller chilrens illustrator


The weather had become much nicer and the sun was shining high in the sky. The four Hammies went back home. “Mama is making a berry pie,” said Papa Higgins in a loud, cheerful voice. Bean and Coco looked at each other. “Berry pie!” The two Hammies could hardly contain themselves and started laughing.

~ The End ~

winter story, cheri cottrell illustrator, children's stroy

Warmly ,


To read ” Winter Story ” in it’s entirety click on the link

March SpringtimeWeddings & Babies

Friday, February 28, 2014

“The March wind roars

Like a lion in the sky,

And makes us shiver

As he passes by.

When winds are soft,

And the days are warm and clear,

Just like a gentle lamb,

Then spring is here.”

~ Author Unknown ~

March is one of those months that just puts a little spring into my step. I get all excited about crocuses and tulips. Oh yeah! And the anticipation of a little warmer weather!!! It has been a brutal winter here on the East Coast! We still have snow and snow and lots of snow! I want to dig out my flip-flops so they are all ready to go…just in preparation for when that beautiful spring day comes I can don my sweater and flips-flops and feel that beautiful warm breeze and the sweet air that flows off the coast…it just gives me that lift I need to say spring is on its way!

Warmly ,


Winter Story”Lost In Snow”

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tracking paw prints in the snow was hard work and they were growing cold and weary. It was the sound of branches breaking off in the distance from the crisp and frosty air that broke the silence between friends.

Suddenly, Coco grabbed Bean by the hand, squeezing it tightly.

“I can’t see anymore paw prints,” said Coco anxiously.

“Neither can I,” said Bean.

At that moment they both looked around and noticed the snow was coming down heavier. The wind blew hard across the hills covering the paw prints as well as their own tracks in the snow.

kind childrens story, cheri cottrell


“How will we find our way back? I’m so hungry and cold,” whispered Coco.

Bean put his paw around his friend. “I have extra berries in my pocket, once we find some shelter, we’ll have a feast!”

Cheri Cottrell storyteller chilrens illustrator

Warmed by Bean’s words, the two went off to find some relief from the bitter cold.

Watercolor illustrations Cheri Cottrell

Come back next Monday to see the continuation of

Coco & Bean’s


The Story From The Beginning

Warmly ,


Children's Winter Story Cheri Cottrell

Did you notice Bean shared something with his friend?





Merry Cristmas to My Friends and Family

Wednesday, December 25, 2013



new christmas candle

new christmasec192013_7615

Make merry, fill your day with love, listen to the sounds of laughter, embrace the warm hugs and above all give from the heart!

Warmly, Cheri


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