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Cheri Cottrell, Self-Taught Watercolor
Illustrator in Maine

My head is constantly creating worlds filled with small animals. This is one of the reasons I loved being a mom. The ability to tell my daughters—and now my grandson—enchanting tales gives me joy. I find genuine comfort in nature and kindness, which are the foundation of these little worlds. This is what I want to convey through my art.

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My Studio

Ambiance is crucial to my creative process. My art studio has moved around my little cottage three times, but I finally got it right! The light is good and the sea breeze is calming. When I’m surrounded by my favorite tchotchkes and trinkets, inspiration swells within me. This is where you can find me, where I’m at my best. Most days my pencil can’t keep up with my imagination, but I do what I can. Once the concept is on paper, I select my color palette and start painting in the details. Visit me in my virtual studio to see what it’s really all about.

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