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Old Salty…Kettle Cove Maine

Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Old Salty… a little grumpy at times but underneath that seafaring exterior is a tender heart! To learn more about Salty, visit Story Time...Tales of Kettle Cove.

Sometimes when developing a character it comes easy, like a sailboat gliding across tranquil waters. And other times it’s like a tugboat slamming into a sandbar! The personality was easy, a cantankerous old lobsterman who loves nothing but sitting around a bonfire with other fishermen trading lobstering tales of the good old days. Throw in moments when his cross exterior fades and a warm tenderness shows through like a warm candle blowing in the night.

I spent more time sketching him then I did any other characters. Trying to match the discription, and my vison of Old Salty mounted in a pile of crumpled paper that littered my floor for days. Yes…I said days. Obviously a moment of clarity came over me and he is up and running, I love him just as musch as the others… maybe a little more!

If you ever walk around Kettle Cove Maine, you might spot a sweet fisherman who wears a whale on his seafaring cap!

Warmly, Cheri

A Daughter’s Gift

Friday, June 21, 2013

blossom Peony

When my daughter Tracy was little she would give me flowers, or rather, bouquets of weeda, dandelions and a peony here and there from our neighbor’s yard. Actually, she picked all my neighbor’s peonies (thankfully, my friend had a sense of humor). Years later, that same neighbor gave my daughter a peony bulb for graduation.

Even though my daughter is in her late 20′s now, she still brings me flowers (from her own garden overflowing with peony bushes). as she hands me a bouquet of pink and white blooms, I think back to the little girl with a handful of weeds. I kiss her on the cheek and say the thing I did when she was 6 years old: thank you.

My heart is full of gratitude, not for the flowers, but for you. xxxooo

Love, Mom

Mish Mash Thursday

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh boy, did you ever have a day when you were here, there and everywhere? That is the kinda of couple of days I have had. Helping my daughter unpack in her new home, laundry, working on the book, painting, oops site went down…not to worry! InMotion hosting was on the job! Dropped the sauce all over the kitchen floor I could go on and on… I think you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures,  I just posted the rest of the Dubois family on Story Time, I hope you stop by to meet Mama, Papa Dubois and of course Grandmere. If you haven’t met Coco and Poppy Dubois just take a peek in on them too, they are only a link away in Story Time.

Warmly, Cheri


Joining Mrs. Olson for Share Your Cup Thursday

Illustrating in my Paris Journal

Thursday, June 13, 2013

May2013journalParis journal 1

I love having a journal where I can write and sketch whatever I please.  I am sure you know what I mean! I have such a book where I share my dreams, observations of life, ramblings of misspelled words and sentences that do not have to connect; it’s a place of freedom from criticisms. Sometimes it’s a page and other times it could be one line that’s the best part of a diary there are no rules.

 Happy writing and sketching! 

Warmly Cheri

Participating in Show and Tell Friday

Sketching and Painting

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Designing Coco was so much fun! The sketching, inking, painting … just all of it! Sometimes, (and not often enough) a project can just flow like magic from my imagination. Maybe because it was just a small painting? I don’t know … but who am I to tempt fate?

Depending on the size of a painting, it can take one day or one month to sketch, draw, ink and paint. Then there’s the overall design! What do their outfits look like? What is the texture of their fur? What’s their personality? Are they shy or full of courage? Which colors should I use? And once I get started on color, I can talk about it all day long!

All painters (whether we use oil, acrylic or watercolor) have a favorite brand of paint. One of mine is Daniel Smith. I love his blues! Their transparency is amazing and when I mix them with other colors I find that they don’t turn cloudy like they would with other brands.


Can you guess which blue matches Coco’s Dress?


Warmly, Cheri


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