Wind In The Willows

By Kenneth Grahame

Illustrated by Ina Moore

The Wind In the Willows is one of my favorite books, so much so that I could read this classic over and over.

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When I was young I was inspired by the pictures, but as an adult I appreciate the cadence of the author’s words and the timelessness of his characters. Out of all the stories, Dulce Domum is my favorite tale. It embodies the love and empathy between Mole and Ratty.

Wind in the willowsMole wants to visit his humble home knowing it can’t compare to the likes of Rat and Toad’s. It may appear shabby to some, but to mole it’s an oasis of comfort.

Apples cheri cottrell illustrator printAs our lives change throughout the years, there is always that one place that remains constant, where the warmth and a familiar smell bring us back to a time when we felt safe and loved. It maybe our childhood home, a grandparent’s, or just a safe heaven. The tale offers a reminder that there is always a warm place of refuge, even if only you can visit the memory in your heart.

wind in the willows 4I would love to hear about your favorite book and what made it special to you?

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