tea time book progress cheri cottrell writer and illustrator

eggplant pram sauce

eggplant pram sauce

YoYo's for quilts, floral print, © artist cheri cottrell

When I wake up thinking about the book illustrations and I go to bed thinking about the book illustrations. Every day is anew and I feel so lucky and privileged to be doing what I love. I start my morning with a walk on the beach (it clears my head: the smell of the sea air, fog horns, sand beneath my feet) and it inspires me so much that when I sit at my studio desk, it’s as if the pencil has its own mind and whatever I am feeling pours onto my paper as if by magic. And yes, there are those days when nothing is working and that’s when I take some needed time to take a tea break in Portland with a friend and do some serious catching up! An amateur at heart, I love to cook – especially something with sauce and garlic. There is just something wonderful about the delicious smells of garlic, olive oil and basil, mmm…just heavnly! I take look at my yo-yo’s that I had started for a quilt and with a sigh I put them away knowing that there will be absolutely no time for finishing this project. But, it is on those days when nothing is working that I fill myself with all the warm comforts of home, such as friends, family, food, candles and the feelings of gratefulness. It is amazing what a day off can do for the spirit and how one can see the day with a new fresh set of eyes!

So it is back to work and I am delighted to be back in my happy place!

Warmly ,