Watercolor Paints

alizarin Crimson…Transparent Yellow…Quinacridone Gold…Olive green…

Smalt Blue

I love this color, it was put out by Windsor Newton as a special edition only for a short time! I purchased 4 tubes, that should last me a life time!

Burnt Sienna…Transparent Brown…Transparent Orange

4th stage on coco sitting halloween

stage 3HalloweenHammyIllustration.Stage2.©CheriCottrell

I have tried many painting mediums but I always come back to watercolor! I love the glow and the transparency and how the paints meld into one anouther…creating beautiful luminous shadows and shades I never expected!

Well… It’s time for a cup of Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea…this tea warms my tummy and makes me smile! Isn’t it funny how the most simplest things in life can make one happy!

Here is a link to the past sketching and Painting Stages of my Process!

Warmly, Cheri