This Tiny Gourd Is


1″3/8 Wide x 1″ Long


Monday I Will Be Posting All Of My Handmade Halloween Gourd Ornaments

Alnog With The DIY


last sketch for halloween painting

Last and final Sketch

All Art Work Is Protected Under the Hammy and Pammy

new mnewhalloween painting


Update on Happy Halloween Painting


* I roughly sketch out the basic beginning of the design I want.

* So sorry for the light pencil marks, I try to put very little graphite on my watercolor

paper. I pencil in just a basic design.

* I did not sketched a pumpkin mouth on my watercolor paper as of yet! I am not

sure what type of mouth I want.

* One of my designs in the painting will be a likeness to one of my mini hand painted

gourds. I enjoy incorporating other things I have designed into my artwork!

* The rest of the designs will be drawn in with watercolor. The less graphite I have on

my final painting the happier I am.

Next step will be preparing my color palette and laying in the background washes



Now that’s when the fun begins


Please come back on Monday to see all my Mini Hand Painted Gourds!

I can’t wait to share!

Warmly, Cheri