The Season Begins


I love the hustle and bustle, making cookies, drying oranges for the tree, making rosemary wreathes…I could go on and on! I love it all!!! Did you ever notice when you unpack your christmas decorations the funny sounds you make as if is the first time you have ever opened the box…OOOH how pretty!  Aww this one is my favorite! And then there are the memory decorations the ones we all cherish the most, I have a ceramic Christmas Tree my mom made me, it always give it the best place of honor where I could see from almost any room, which is pretty easy since it is a small cottage house! 

I am very sentimental when I decorate, I listen to Bing Crosby, dry my oranges in the oven…it makes the whole house smell wonderful and cozy and always fire up the wood stove, “Brrr…we are having some cold days here in Maine!”. 

Sooo…make some hot chocolate yummm! And listen to White “Christmas” with Bing!

Wishing you happy Christmas decorating!

Warmly, Cheri