The Summer Newsletter will be on it way this week!

The  beautiful summer breezes of Maine tempt me daily…my morning walks on the beach never seem to be enough, but it has to be. I work in my studio diligently like a ochrestra of blowing reeds swaying in one direction. My to do list grows daily with tasks that I know I can’t get to. I just say to myself, “Get one more page done and I will tend to my obligations,” but one more page turns into one more page and what was once was a mole hill has now turned into a mountain.  

Then sometimes I just hit a wall when the creative juices just aren’t flowing and I find myself dissatisfied with my progress of the last picture…it’s time to take a break, and tend to all those whispering responsibilities that we all hear when things get out of hand…and all dabble in a few pleasures of summers harvest before it’s all disappears. 

This year’s summer newsletter is filled with some gentle tidbits of what you will see in the book! and yes all of you lucky ducks are the first to know the title of one of the first books in the series of Tales of Kettle Cove.

I will be staying in touch much more often and sharing my progress!

For I have missed all of you sooo much!

Warmly ,