” Spring Flower ” 

Spring Flowers is just one of my favorite things, there is inspiration everywhere I look…flowers truly make my heart sing! As the warmer temperature starts to creep in (Warm for me right now is about 35 degrees.) I get this happy feeling. I have to warn myself that it is too soon to pack away ALL my winter clothes and replace them with my spring, summer clothes. It is so wonderful to have daylight savings, even now the days seem so much longer, the light pours in from every window and fills the house with warmth and a happy glow! 

I was going to put up the picture that inspired the painting, but it seemed so sad in comparison to the watercolor illustration. ” Spring Flower ” was painted on a whim, I was about to throw out the bulbs that were planted in a pot which were straggly and a tangled hot mess when I said to myself…” You were such a pretty little flower.” And that was it I went off and sketched and painted until the sun went down last night. Funny isn’t it how inspiration hits us, it seems to come when we least expect it!

Warmly ,



~ Cindy ~ Skip To My Lou