Miss Elderberry

Artist, Blue Ribbon Illustration | © Cheri Cottrell

YoYo's for quilts, floral print, © artist cheri cottrell

reading quotes, spring cleaning, artist cheri cottrell

floral curtains, spring cleaning, artist cheri cottrell illustrator

spring cleaning, wicker chair, cheri cottrell artist and illustrator

Artist, Blue Ribbon Illustration | © Cheri Cottrell

It was wonderful to wake up this past Saturday morning with the sun shinning and the warm spring air. After such a cold harsh winter it was wonderful to open the windows which gave me just the right amount of encouragement to do some early spring cleaning. Just like my character Miss elderberry with her hand knitted sweater and arm full of Elderberry Jam that she sells at gull square in Kettle Cove Maine. She lives in the prettiest cottage made in a Beach Plum Bush where she tends to her creative spirit and domestic crafts, a true entrepreneur at heart. Miss Elderberry’s character was influenced by a wonderful woman named Florence a friend of the family. When I was a little girl I would stand outside her kitchen window of her old white farmhouse just hoping she would ask me in just so I could take a peek in all the nooks and crannies these old homes possessd. Once inside it was a treasure trove of ( yoyo quilts how to), knitted sweaters and beautiful hand-made rag rugs, antiques decorated every part of her home. The most exciting adventure was when we would go into her root cellar to fetch her strawberry jam and some veggies. Florence was to be an inspiration as I grew up and it has carried me throughout my life.

So just like Miss Elderberry, I donned my apron and set to work. I washed the quilts and curtains, aired the mattress out, vacuumed up the dust bunnies that have collected over the winter and gave the windows a fresh cleaning. Put up a pot of potato soup, a recipe from The Tasha Tudor Cook Book…yummy! After I was done I celebrated by taking a delightful shower and then went about filling my basket with good reads. Climbed into bed and before I could reach for the book my head fell onto the pillow and after a few yawns it was lights out…just like a kitten on a soft feathered comforter I fell into a long slumber of exhausted sleep.

Warmly ,