Invited Family And Friends For Corn Beef With A Little Extra Dash Of


I have been collecting Jade for so many years, one might think I would tire of it… nope, not ever, I absolutely love it.  My only criteria, is to only look for great deals when I am on the prowl in the vintage shops!   I bought the green forks and knives from Target about ten years ago…which I Really Really Love.  It reminds me of being a little girl and visiting my Grandma in Avenel NJ.


But all said and done nothing is ever perfect…at the end of cooking the corn beef and cabbage, I tried ever so delicately to fish out the little cheese cloth bag containing all the peppercorns, cloves and spices, Mmmm.  And yes the bag broke and all the little goodies flooded into the cabbage, potatoes and carrots!  I guess I was not very delicate after all.  Sooo dinner was more like a fishing expedition at the O’l Cottage  that night, thank goodness we had plenty of drink and had a good laugh!

I did not find any four leaf clovers, but had a very fun green weekend!  Thank you for

newfrogyleaping  over here I know it’s a little korny…just having a little fun!