This was the “sneak up on you” type of storm. It had been raining consistently for almost two weeks – just awful.  It looked like it was finally drying up and leaving and I couldn’t have been happier.  I was so excited to know that we had good weather on the way that I went out and bought chicken to put on the grill…until I pulled into the drive way. Something gave me that ominous feeling…maybe it was the dark sky, the lightening, or the fact that our chair just blew off our deck…I don’t know. I ran into the house and closed the windows, grabbed my camera, went on the porch and clicked away!  It was the kind of storm that makes me grab a soft blanket an cozy up on the couch with candles.  Sometimes the most unexpected interruption of plans turn out to be the most enjoyable.

 The next day turned out to be just gorgeous out!

So I Said Goodbye To The Rain.


Wishing you the same.

~ CC ~

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