” Mornings in Paris “

I started my day out in Old Port (Portland Maine)…just lingering. I just had that hunch It wasn’t going to be a productive day!


pirate stor portland

Walked Around The City

Took In A Few Good Shops


I new I was procrastinating…I have been working on the illustrations for the book and hit a speed bump. I needed to pick a few sketches and start tweaking them, but which ones! Sometimes starring at a million sketches, (O.K. maybe not a million but a lot)…I knew I had to make some choices and that’s where the procrastinating came in.

lasagna pasta

Made Homemade Sausage Lasagna


O.K. maybe I should just put myself on temporary suspension for the rest of the day! To be honest there wasn’t much daylight left, sooo I decided to go with it! I took to finishing up some of my homemade Halloween ornament…shhh…that’s for another blog, can’t wait to share. Went into my studio and tided up a little bit. I threw away all the crumpled scrunched up sketches that littered the floor, never making it into the good pile. Cleaned off the drawing board placed some fresh flowers on the desk…the old ones looked as if they needed to be tossed a week ago. ” There we go! We just needed a little boost!” I closed my studio doors and said to myself “I will see you tomorrow morning bright and early”!

new flowers in oil can

Decided to Make a Vase Out of My Empty OIl Can

700 books on a couch

Carl Larson ~ “At Home”

Nina Williams ~ “The Illustrated Cottage”

After a long day of procrastinating…I sat on my couch eating my yummy sausage lasagna, looking at my new olive oil can vase (boy that is a mouth full) and enjoyed a few of my favorite books!

Warmly, Cheri