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Old Salty… a little grumpy at times but underneath that seafaring exterior is a tender heart! To learn more about Salty, visit Story Time...Tales of Kettle Cove.

Sometimes when developing a character it comes easy, like a sailboat gliding across tranquil waters. And other times it’s like a tugboat slamming into a sandbar! The personality was easy, a cantankerous old lobsterman who loves nothing but sitting around a bonfire with other fishermen trading lobstering tales of the good old days. Throw in moments when his cross exterior fades and a warm tenderness shows through like a warm candle blowing in the night.

I spent more time sketching him then I did any other characters. Trying to match the discription, and my vison of Old Salty mounted in a pile of crumpled paper that littered my floor for days. Yes…I said days. Obviously a moment of clarity came over me and he is up and running, I love him just as musch as the others… maybe a little more!

If you ever walk around Kettle Cove Maine, you might spot a sweet fisherman who wears a whale on his seafaring cap!

Warmly, Cheri