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A Delightful Outcome

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So Many Little Paint Pallets

I had so many little large medium pallets…but I knew where every paint color was! I could close my eyes and instinctively find my way to the exact hue! Changing out something I have used for years was a little difficult…as I explained in a recent blog Creature of Habit” OK maybe not so recent!

paint pan 1

I went From This



2paint paletteSC_0475


Ta Dah

It took me longer than I thought, I had purchased 2 of these fabulous metal paint pallets, but soon ran out of room and needed to order another one! Who New!!! I took quite a bit of time sorting out my paint colors and how I wanted to have them arranged! Everyone is different some people go exactly by the color wheel and maybe that is the best way to go! But this works for me! I was really worried that I would have to get use to finding where my paint colors were placed, but the funny thing was by creating my color index ( and that took a lot of time ) it just cemented everything visually!

Time To Enjoy The Fruits Of my


No More Lolly Gagging For Me Time

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Warmly, Cheri