Sometimes We All Need A Little Nudge To Go Out

And Play


Did you ever notice how fast time flies when working on a project, hours seem to meld into one another. Yesterday was one of those days…with the windows opened in my studio I felt the early morning autumn chill and the smell of the changing season! A reminder… to take a little extra time to celebrate all the “fallish” festivities that this colorful season brings.

I deliberately keep this small ink and watercolor sketch on my shelf as an alter ego to remind me I need to take the occasional day for some serious playtime!


Sooo… today with a little nudge I am mapping out my day. 


1. Put up a pot of delicious chicken soup.

2.  Pumpkins and gourds. My favorite go to place is “Intervale Farm” in New Gloucester!

3. Have lunch with my daughters.

4. Stop by a farm stand for some fresh veggies.

5. “Christmas Tree Shop” to add to some of my fall decorations!

6. Pick up bread for soup! Yum!!!


Wishing all of you a happy “fallish”


Warmly, Cheri