My mother and I years ago!

illustrated holly © cheri cottrell 2015The holidays are my favorite time of the year. It’s a time to wrap gifts and sing carols…to send holiday cards and bake cookies with my daughters…to string lights and hang garland.

Christmas 2015 ©chericottrrell

Then there are those impromptu nights when a friend stops by to say “hello,” and the minutes pass unnoticed, turning into hours. By the end of the night, my kitchen table is covered in candles, crumbs, cheese plates and empty wine glasses-and my heart is full of love and gratitude for having such people in my life.


Baked and drying !

illustrated holly © cheri cottrell 2015


Sprinkle with a little cinnamon…now all they need is some red ribbon for hanging!

©cheri cottrell Christmas Mistletoe Illustration | © Cheri Cottrell

The simple evenings can be just as enjoyable-wrapped in a quilt, reading a good book on the couch, while colored lights on the tree intermingle with the warm glow from our wood burning.

christmas 2015 820151217_4806

And, sometimes, it;s those less than perfect moments that we recall year after year. Like the time my husband had to wire the Christmas tree to the wall to keep it from falling over. Or the time my daughter spilled red wine on the white couch and tried to cover it up (unsuccessfully). Or the holiday dinner that was pushed back three hours because the turkey needed to cook longer than originally planned. These are the moments I remember. These are the memories that can’t be placed under the tree.

illustrated holly © cheri cottrell 2015

Warmly ,