A Solo Art Show…so Excited!

Sharing What I love To do…draw, Paint And Write From My Heart!

Hammy and Pammy of Kettle Cove, Maine … Who are these adorable little creatures?  I developed the Hammies to live in a world in which I would like to live in, a place separate from the one we all live in today. Each of the Hammies have their own personalities, some are precocious and mischievous, while others are filled with incredible joy.  They are inventors, share their thoughts and  wisdom with their friends and develop some magnificent ideas in a place where being creative and kind is seen as true heroism. The Hammies and their friends congregate at Kettle Cove where they collectively solve their problems with different opinions, humor and integrity.  But as the story goes there is always one little guy who struggles with doing the right thing. Meet Skippy the Fox who resides in Smugglers Cove with his own entourage.  Skippy,  simply known as Skip by his fellow comrades, is the caretaker, who watches over the lives of Kettle Cove, and  in return he receives nineteen berries, Miss Elderberry’s famous Elderberry Juice and four jars of Miss Sandpippers delicious, harvested and canned goodies.  Skippy protects the Hammies and their special world from harm , but he is not without fault. He is shrewd and is always on the lookout for a good deal on how to  get more berries.  It is here in Kettle Cove where Skippy finds love and a magical existence that will test his wayward principals and will ultimately lead him down the right road.

The world of the Hammies is a place where they work together to build community. Whether it is through gardening, canning, building, their fishing livelihood or just enjoying the simplistic things such as a sitting around a bonfire eating seaweed pudding, they are sure to worm their way into your heart!

From my heart to yours, 


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