Starting With The Inspiration

Yesterday morning was filled with running small little errands, the first stop was the Post Office. Going down town is just so charming with all the quaint homes and buildings there is always something to look at! Just smelling the falling leaves mingled with that wonderful wood burning stove smell yummm! I wish they could make a donut with those smells I would eat the whole box.

And there it was, right in front of me! The most beautiful leaves, red, orange, brown with soft crisp edges just littering the Post Office brick stairs!

I picked up three and knew exactly what type of picture I wanted to sketch. That’s the funny thing about inspiration you just never know when it’s going to happen!

hammy 2 sketches pumpkin

I quickly sketched out the idea so not to forget it! When I got home I roughly re-sketched it with small notes of what I want in the borders. I always sketch on tracing paper, no big reason I just started with what I had on hand years ago and now it’s just what I am comfortable with.

sketchs pumpkins

Hope you stop by Tomorrow and see the finished sketch on watercolor paper and follow the progress of the painting as I share the day-to-day process!

Warmly, Cheri