In Love With White Pumkins


Gold pumkin

oranf pumpkin


Gold And Orange Pumpkins


1. I purchased these pumpkins at “Home Goods”. I wanted something affordable.


2. Before painting these pumpkins I removed the electric cords and using soap

~n~ water I proceeded to wash off any debris on the pumpkins before applying the paint.

painting orange pumpkinWhit painted pumkins



3. I painted 2 coats on both pumpkins with Annie Sloan Old While Chalk Paint. This paint is amazing it covers anything without primer. (I let them dry between each coat of paint.)


4. I left them to dry for 24 hours and proceeded to give them a light puff with a soft cloth.

Glazing white pumpkin



5. Using a very watered down acrylic paint of Burnt Sienna I washed over the stems and creases of the pumpkins allowing shading around the mouth, nose and eyes.


This part is where you can have your own creative spirit

adding more paint different colors the choice is yours


6. Taking the pumpkins outside in a well ventilated area I sprayed them with a matt clear spray. I purchased mine at Home Depot. Let dry before bringing them inside so that the smell will evaporate.

7. Insert your lights and light those babies up!!!









Enjoy Some Free printable Pumpkin Stencils

Happy Pumpkin Day


Warmly, Cheri