Cottage Mirror

Good Day!  I have been a little busy here in O’ Kettle Cove…I have been working on a project for our  home.  Before I delve into the DIY let me share with you a little about our cottage, she is on the small side, with lot’s of projects ahead of us…the fun part of this is you will be a part of all this! Yay!!!  One can literally walk in a circle around


the staircase and see the kitchen, living room, bath and dining area…so you see,wall space is at a premium!  so I am veryyyy careful on what I put on my walls.  I wanted a mirror to go over the mantle in our dining area…I thought it would be easy to find, we have lot’s of antique stores around where I live.  Well…it is if you have lots of…money… Sooo…this is how the project started it! I scoured my home improvement stores also all the ones that we all know and love!  I settled on a mirror in Lowe’s home improvement store…so here she is!

     I fell in love with her at first sight! A list of the goodies you will need…to make the magic happen.


1)  Semi Gloss-White paint of your choosing.  DON”T FORGET THE STIRRING STICKS…like I did.

2)  Fine standing paper.

3)  Picture hanging wire and hardware.

4)  Rags, plastic tablecloth.


5)  A decent paintbrush.

6)  I propped the mirror up with a couple of unused paint cans, this helps when painting around the edge.

7)  The mirror was painted with 3 coats of paint.  I applied a thin coat for the first round and let     dry thoroughly, when applying the second and third coat be sure to let dry between each coat.

8)  It is very important to let the paint dry thoroughly for several day!

9)  Take a small piece of your fine sand paper and lightly go over the relief sections of the mirror also the edges inside and on the outer part of the mirror.  This part is up to your personal preference…

10) Attach your hardware and wire for hanging.  This mirror came with it already done all I needed to do was attach the wire!


Highlighting The Sanded Areas

I love the look…everything feels so cozy!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you have any question please ask and I would be more than happy to help!

       Wishing you a wonderful week…Happy Spring

Hugs, CC