Visiting A Christmas Tree Farm


It’s hurry, hurry time to get the Christmas tree…before the snow comes! We have a beautiful Christmas Tree Farm right here in our own town! “The Old Farm Christmas Place” we have been going there the last few years. It’s so nice to see the familiar smiling faces filled with holiday cheer! Cutting down the tree roasting marshmallows, tying it to the top of the roof, listening to Christmas carols being played on the way home, I just adore that warm fuzzy feeling that the holidays bring!


Christmas tree house farmIMG_0142

new new christmas tree farm


After home and preparing the tree, have to wait till trees limbs fall a little then it will be lights, garland, gingerbread cookies, oranges and antique Christmas ball! We all have different ways of tree decorating, some people like birds, while others prefer memorabilia or just a little of everything.

Before I mix the gingerbread for the tree cookies, I slip in one of my favorite Christmas movies. For anyone who doesn’t know me it is..” it’s A Wonderful Life “. I could watch this movie over and over, it just makes my heart smile!

The Snow Has Just Arrived


fronch snow porch

Wishing you a cozy day!

Warmly, Cheri