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My Painting Process

/My Painting Process

Warming Up

 Sketching with a watercolor brush After being under the weather for several weeks, I am happy to say I have a clean bill of health and am ready to get back into the groove of things. When I woke up yesterday I could hear the autumn rain. The first thing I did was make a [...]

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Watercolor Painting Process Update

Watercolor Paints alizarin Crimson...Transparent Yellow...Quinacridone Gold...Olive green... Smalt Blue I love this color, it was put out by Windsor Newton as a special edition only for a short time! I purchased 4 tubes, that should last me a life time! Burnt Sienna...Transparent Brown...Transparent Orange I have tried many painting mediums but I always come back [...]

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Update On Painting N Mini Hand Painted Gourd

This Tiny Gourd Is   1"3/8 Wide x 1" Long   Monday I Will Be Posting All Of My Handmade Halloween Gourd Ornaments Alnog With The DIY   Last and final Sketch All Art Work Is Protected Under the Hammy and Pammy™   Update on Happy Halloween Painting   * I roughly sketch out the [...]

Follow My Process From Start to Finish

Starting With The Inspiration Yesterday morning was filled with running small little errands, the first stop was the Post Office. Going down town is just so charming with all the quaint homes and buildings there is always something to look at! Just smelling the falling leaves mingled with that wonderful wood burning stove smell yummm! [...]