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Life at Kettle Cove Newsletter Hopping you will sign up just in time for the Easter newsletter! My newsletter will com to you biannually with fun updates and also special holiday greetings with free printable's just for my newsletter friends. I will not use your email for anything else, or share it with any other person or company. If [...]

A Winter Story”The Beginning”

The snow fell all morning covering Kettle Cove in a thick blanket of fluffy white snow. Coco and Bean were busy building a large snow hammy, hoping theirs would win the prize at the Winter Festival. “Let’s go and find some twigs for his arms and seashells for his eyes!” said Coco. “I don’t know," [...]

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Finished Story

A Finished Story   Mixing Pleasure With Business Cape Cod   Dinners OnThe Beach   Good-Bye Wonderful Summer...   Sorry I have been so out of touch, life seems to happen sometimes! The story is done, but not without many rewrites, yes there were revisions after revisions. There wasn't a day that the story wasn't [...]

Locavore Tour On TV

"Beach Flower" By Kelly Ash [quicktime][/quicktime] Watch Kelly On Good Morning Maine Earlier This Week Kelly Ash horticultures, writer and photographer, she became a Master Gardener in 2009. She photographed the gardens on the Locavore tour that will take place Saturday August 10th, 10 AM to 4 PM.  Kelly lives in Maine a talented photographer [...]

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Teaching Children

As parents we are our childrens guide through life... Warmly, Cheri H. Jackson Brown Jr. ... Inspiring Quotes

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Hanging Out

Around the House I love, love, love summer! I am just crazy about it! Morning sunshine that wakes me up early and say’s "Hello World!" The salt air the flows through the windows and gets into your very soul, the smell of flowers and the sunny season is everywhere... There is nothing better then having [...]

Free Printable Paper Doll

Bonjour Coco Please visit Kettle Cove Map, click on the rocking boat, print and enjoy! Ohhh how I loved paper dolls when I was little! Do you want to know a secret I still do!  Years ago before personal computers were even a thought: there were paper dolls. Sitting on a floor cutting out my [...]

Steering My Own Ship ~ In Life

Sometimes we all need to take charge of the helm and steer our life where we want it to be… Warmly, Cheri

Old Salty…Kettle Cove Maine

Old Salty... a little grumpy at times but underneath that seafaring exterior is a tender heart! To learn more about Salty, visit Story Time...Tales of Kettle Cove. Sometimes when developing a character it comes easy, like a sailboat gliding across tranquil waters. And other times it's like a tugboat slamming into a sandbar! The personality [...]

Inspirational Quote Monday

The best gift is being yourself. A message all children should grow up with, hopefully accomplishing this make there journey in life a little bit easier. Warmly, Cheri

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