Pumkins tiny on stem

Barn hanging light

new pumkins tiny

Fall Autumn Leaves Pumpkins

I Love It All


Last week was a little balmy around here at Kettle Cove, but the last few days’ temperatures have dropped a little “burr”. Just enough for the woodstove to be fired up…Yea! I adore the fall smells, acorns dropping and that cool crisp air that make me dig out my sweaters like a squirrel digging up his nuts. I took out my heaty blanket yesterday and I can’t wait to wrap myself up in it like a little snausage.


I am just crazy about decorating, boxes everywhere, unwrapping all those lightey up pumpkins! I have one that my mom made when I got married, oh the memories that pumkin has seen! Unpacking these goodies is like opening a scrapbook of my past fall holidays. I sit on the floor deciding which pumpkin should go where, while I reflect on past autumns and look forward to new snapshot to add to my memory.


This fall is a little different I have added some new decorations which I will share with you along with the DIY information. But until then I will be preparing the house for fall! Can’t wait to share.


Warmly, Cheri