My art and my words represent the person I am today. I thrive on progress. I love that I can go to a convenience store and get cash – no waiting in lines or closed banks after 5pm – just get my cash and go. I love having information at my fingertips. I love not having to go to the library and sift through the card catalog to find a book. I adore the world I live in. But…sometimes there seems to be a disconnect. With all the wonderful changes our world has experienced, something seems to be lacking. Nowadays, everything is disposable and impatience has become a way of life.

We are too busy to send a simple “thank you” note, hold the door open, or even smile at our neighbors. Instead boundaries are crossed on a daily basis with no thought to how our actions affect the people around us. This is what propelled me write the Tales of Kettle Cove series.

Kettle Cove is a world in which I would like to live in. I created Coco and Bean and the Tales of Kettle Cove with the intent of bringing back a kinder way of living, not just living simply. In Kettle Cove we think of others before ourselves and having fun doesn’t have to come at the expense of someone else. Kettle Cove is a place where “thank you,” “please,” “excuse me,” and building each other up is celebrated and not dismissed as being Pollyanna-ish.

I wanted to create a product and a world that I not only believed in, but one I wanted to be part of and one I wanted to share with others.

My wish is that when you land here, you get to know my characters, my art, my words and in turn, me. I am not just trying to sell a product, but a kinder way of life that I feel has been lost in today’s world.

Thank you for visiting,

Warmly ,