The snow fell all morning covering Kettle Cove in a thick blanket of fluffy white snow. Coco and Bean were busy building a large snow hammy, hoping theirs would win the prize at the Winter Festival.

“Let’s go and find some twigs for his arms and seashells for his eyes!” said Coco.

“I don’t know,” replied a hesitant Bean. “My mama said not to stray far from home.”

Coco, who was busy catching snowflakes in her mouth, didn’t bother to look at her cautious friend. “We won’t go far, I promise,” said Coco in a muffled voice. A snowflake had just settled on her small, pink tongue. “We won’t even go past Gull Square.”

Bean considered Coco’s words. “Okay, Coco. Let’s go hunting!”

Children's Winter Story Cheri Cottrell

As they collected their twigs, Coco noticed small paw imprints around large paw imprints in the snow.

“Do you think that belongs to a Boondoogle?” whispered Coco.

“Maybe. I’ve never seen one before! Have you?” replied Bean as a cold shiver went down his spine.

Coco shook her head and after a brief pause, grabbed her friend by the hand and ran off in the direction of the paw prints.

“Let’s follow the prints. Maybe we’ll see a Boondoogle!”


They both shouted out “What an adventure!”

Watercolor illustrations Cheri Cottrell

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