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Monthly Archives: August 2013



"Summer Days" I would like summer to last forever... Warmly, Cheri

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Locavore Tour On TV

"Beach Flower" By Kelly Ash [quicktime][/quicktime] Watch Kelly On Good Morning Maine Earlier This Week Kelly Ash horticultures, writer and photographer, she became a Master Gardener in 2009. She photographed the gardens on the Locavore tour that will take place Saturday August 10th, 10 AM to 4 PM.  Kelly lives in Maine a talented photographer [...]

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Meet Tinsel

Oh My Gosh Is He Just To Cute! Tinsel... He came so easy to sketch, as I have mentioned many times my characters come from people I may know! He is no exception! When I was way little, there was a boy named Bobby, (fictitious name to protect the innocent) "I have always wanted to [...]

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Inspirational  Monday... Haven't all of us at some time or another wanted to open a door wondering what's behind it! Wishing you a wonderful Monday... This print will be available in the shop next Monday! Warmly, Cheri

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Creature Of Habit

I Adore Enamel Paint Containers...New and Old Isn't She Gorgeous? And I Have Two Of These Empty Beauties! "Enamel Containers" I have always had enamel containers, unfortunately that is not the problem! This lovely container holds 48 half pans, Oh my gosh! I couldn't contain myself ( ha ha a small play on words). I [...]

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