Unpacking Something I Thought I Had Lost In The Move

Anyone who has ever moved, knows how easy it is to lose something that you love.  There is a land of lost boxes with some of my treasures buried away in our attic, they have no name no place to be just begging to be opened and loved once again.  I have been on a hunt searching for this lamp for months, I’m sure you know how that is!  I thought I had put it in a special container or maybe it was in that weird box in the garage.  I don’t know I had just given up on it, when I was putting another box to be stored in what else…the attic.  I had to move some of the boxes to make room, and out of the corner of my eye what should appear but eight tiny reindeer  “no you Silly goose”,  but a box with small letters written on it’s side, “special shell lamp fragile”!


This Find, While Not One Of My Family’s Favorite…I Just Adore It!


Isn’t She A Beauty!

I found this lamp at an antique shop on Route 1 in Maine, on my first visit here nine years ago,  I’ll never forget the name of the shop, “Antiques, Guns And Ammunition”, no I am not kidding!  There was a box of cast offs and while I had been rummaging through it I found this quirky shell lamp and knew it was going to be mine, definitely love at first sight!  All it needed was a lamp shade.  Along my travels I came across one that needed some lovin and perhaps a little more help then I had intended to give.


Okay…It Needs A Lot Of Help

So… I am going to tackle this project with some trepidation, and attempt to make a watercolor lamp shade.  No, I have never attempted this before, so I am treading uncharted waters and when it is finished hopefully it will be worthy of a DIY.    I am anxious to work out the kinks of this step by step and share with you my old lamp that will be given a little spice to it!



After a year and a half of moving here the small emporium changed ti’s large sign to read simply


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