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Creature Of Habit

I Adore Enamel Paint Containers...New and Old Isn't She Gorgeous? And I Have Two Of These Empty Beauties! "Enamel Containers" I have always had enamel containers, unfortunately that is not the problem! This lovely container holds 48 half pans, Oh my gosh! I couldn't contain myself ( ha ha a small play on words). I [...]

By | August 1st, 2013|About The Hammies, My Studio|3 Comments

Hammy and Pammy Solo Art Showing!

A Solo Art Excited! Sharing What I love To do...draw, Paint And Write From My Heart! Hammy and Pammy of Kettle Cove, Maine … Who are these adorable little creatures?  I developed the Hammies to live in a world in which I would like to live in, a place separate from the one we [...]