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Sketching and Painting

Designing Coco was so much fun! The sketching, inking, painting … just all of it! Sometimes, (and not often enough) a project can just flow like magic from my imagination. Maybe because it was just a small painting? I don’t know … but who am I to tempt fate?

Depending on the size of a painting, it can take one day or one month to sketch, draw, ink and paint. Then there’s the overall design! What do their outfits look like? What is the texture of their fur? What’s their personality? Are they shy or full of courage? Which colors should I use? And once I get started on color, I can talk about it all day long!

All painters (whether we use oil, acrylic or watercolor) have a favorite brand of paint. One of mine is Daniel Smith. I love his blues! Their transparency is amazing and when I mix them with other colors I find that they don’t turn cloudy like they would with other brands.


Can you guess which blue matches Coco’s Dress?


Warmly, Cheri

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Inspiration Illustration

painting pallette inspirationinspiration white paper

Everyone’s receives inspiration differently. For me, one flower can inspire an entire picture, such as the painting “In the Garden,” which is my current banner for my home and blog pages.

The first thing I do when I am inspired is sketch out the idea on tracing paper. Why do I use tracing paper? Because if I’m not sure about the composition or where to place a flower, I can place the sketch behind another piece of tracing paper to find just the right spot. I adore this part of the process. It’s so much fun to let my imagination run a muck!

I would like to say that once I start the painting I don’t change my mind, but I do and I do it a lot! I tend to add things here and there or take them out. With this particular painting, I finished it and HATED a tree I painted. I thought it was just awful. I painfully and painstakingly removed the ink and watercolor carefully so as not to damage the paper. Did you ever start something and wish you left it alone? OH BOY! There is a certain panic that comes of oneself when they near the end of a huge undertaking and they they almost ruin it. I was distressed, but with a bag of cookies, I was able to remove it without causing any damage. Now I am happy to say that I am thrilled with how the painting turned out!

Well after seven days of rain (YUCK) we finally have a beautiful day here at Kettle Cove. I can smell the sea breeze and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Did I say sun? Sun! Sun! Sun! I love you sun!

I think it’s time for a walk on the beach to find more inspiration for my paintings.

Warmly, Cheri

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Cottage Night Lights

I was shopping at Christmas Tree Shop…and Oh Yes! I love Christmas Tree Shop!  I really wasn’t going to buy anything until I came across these seashell lights.  It was love at first sight and I new

seashelltwolights2exactly where I was going to put them.  But…you see I had a conundrum, I did not want to move everything off the desk.  The desk is very light weight and could not handle my wieght mmmm.  So I decided to stand on a chair and lean over!  During this process of this great endvor I hungthem meticulously and realized I was off by two shells…of course I rehung them!  When hanging them the second time I was almost done when you guessed it!  The last part of the string slipped out of my hands and crashed.  Only one shell came apart…now I had to reglue it with the gluegun.  After an hour of looking for the glue gun everything was up and LOOKING FINE!!!  I sat in my studio just smiling looking like the chesshire cat.


Isn’t it amazing that something so simple can bring such JOY!

Welcome To My New Blog

Good day ladies…it’s a little rainy here today at ol’ Kettle Cove, I really don’t mind!  Why?  It’s a guilt free day, I can snuggle into my small studio and work to my hearts content, usually when it’s sunny I feel the ankhs that I should go out and catch some rays of sunshine!



I really like a rainy day here and there, not to many that I feel like a duck waddling in a puddle, but just enough that I can put up a big pot of vegetable soup, light my candles, put on my cozy lights, grab a cup of hot tea (today it is Black Cherry) and work while listening to the rain hitting my front porch…if I haven’t mentioned it yet, my studio faces the front porch!


So I hope where ever it is raining, you are enjoying it as much as I am!



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