My Grandmother

When  I was little and stayed at my grandmothers house she had a small sleeping porch…perfect size for a little girl.  The little porch had many windows as porches do.  Against the wall was this grandmas-tabletired walnut stained table with many water rings from the mishaps of watering all the plants that she had on it.  As the years passed my grandmother agreed to come lives with us, and at twelve years old this decision really didn’t  make an impact  until I was much older.  With her belongings came her tired walnut stained table, I couldn’t understand why she would want to keep it when my parents had offered her a perfectly brand new table.

As I grew older I would find my self downstairs visiting my grandmother quite often.  Our conversations covered many topic such as spirituality, love , politics, past family stories which there were many of!  One day I just came out and asked what was it about this table that she cared so much for?  She looked at me with such a sweet smile and stated so quietly  ” it was my mothers…my real mother’s”.  That was all that needed to be said.  As time passed life happens,  this wonderful little woman would pass at the age of ninety five, yes ninety five oh I hope I have her genes.  Although I received many of her things there were only a few I couldn’t do without.  One of them was her tattered walnut stained table!


This Amazing Table has Two Leaves In It…Just Great For Adding Extra Space When Entertaing.

In the beginning I couldn’t imagine painting it… it held to many memories for the way it was.  As the years passed, this table became part of our family memories.  The first time I decided to refurbish it, I had sanded the table to  reveal the beautiful wood underneath.  Years later this table has been white, a funky yellow, a gorgeous creamy yellow and present time, a pretty light french blue.


It’s Not The Table That Brings Me So Much Happiness But All The Memories That Has Come With It!

If you have any memories from your grandmother I would love to hear about them!

Hugs xo


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