Oh My Gosh Is He Just To Cute!


tinsel color 2


He came so easy to sketch, as I have mentioned many times my characters come from people I may know! He is no exception! When I was way little, there was a boy named Bobby, (fictitious name to protect the innocent) “I have always wanted to say that.” He was scruffy, smart and wore glasses and oh sooo cute! I had a little crush on this guy; unfortunately one did not share in those days. Then again I was only 8 years old! We made mud pies, collected worms; the worst was when we dug up all the vegetable in his parent’s garden to make a pretend vegetable soup! That did not go over well, but we survived it. Eventually he moved away. Remembering those warm hot summers, when you needed to be in when the street lights came on, building forts in the woods, smell of fresh cut grass, windows were flung open (most of us did not have air condoning), barbeques and swimming pools. Summers were simpler then, sharing adventures with friends and many of those friends stayed in my heart forever!

I have many scraps of paper with all different shades of hues that I have made. Loving the color on my grandmother’s teacup, I got busy trying to recreate it. Searching my scrap draw like a squirrel burying in nuts in the ground for winter, pulling out a few here and there, I read my paint recipes as if they were novels. The blue was bits of this and bits of that, Always aware how easy it is to produce mud looking wash with watercolor! Happy with what I have produced, my scrap bit finds it rightful place in the draw…

I wonder is there someone you might know who reminds you of Tinsel? I would love to hear from you!!!

Hoping you enjoy Tinsel as much as I have!

Warmly, Cheri