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Mixing Pleasure With Business

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Good-Bye Wonderful Summer…


Sorry I have been so out of touch, life seems to happen sometimes! The story is done, but not without many rewrites, yes there were revisions after revisions. There wasn’t a day that the story wasn’t entwined in every activity I did and every thought I had. Then one day I glanced down and realized there was nothing else to be done… it was finished! There is still much work to be done…sketching, painting oh my that is the fun part. All the illustrations!!!

I had the opportunity to visit Cape Cod on business, oh poor me! Only kidding! I couldn’t pack my bag fast enough. It was beautiful and the time I was there the weather was just as nice. I even had time to squeeze in a little sight seeing. Everything was in bloom, there were flowers cascading over the fences, names of past sea captains decorated the front door entrances, rose filled trellises were everywhere and the salt air breeze filled the town with nostalgia of years ago. Everything looked as if it were a picture postcard ready to be sent off.

I spent the last week packing up my beach basket filled with yummy dinners and with chair in tow, I traveled the sandy walk to say good-bye to summer!

Warmly, Cheri