It Has Been Very, Very, Wet  These Past Few Days…I Am Starting To Feel Like A Large Duck!  

Hoping For A Little Sunshine… 


I Love any Book On Monet…This One Is The Latest To My Collection.

“Monet’s Passion”

By ~ Elizabeth Murray


This Book Is Just GORGEOUS!!!

Monet’s Passion Ideas, Inspiration & Insights From The Painter’s Garden…By ~ Elizabeth Murray” (a video of her 25 year history of photographing Monet’s gardenns).  I have many books on Monet, but this has become my favorite of all time.  I love it so much I want to sleep with it…Okay maybe I am going a little to far!  It is just a wonderful book, chock full of beautiful photos and great information on the exact flowers he used and there placement in his gardens.  The author writes about the balance of color and how he maximized the effects of light.  In the near future I will share a post of  my experience and photos of my experience at Giverny!  I had commented recently on someone’s blog, who also shared her pictures from Giverny, my comment went something like this….if I were a mouse I would make my home amongst his pond and beautiful gardens and grow quite plump and ponder the days away!


Speaking of Mice and Rainy Days…I Think This Kitty Would Rather Lay Around Than Catch Some Mice!


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