A Lovely Old English Pot

Thank you for the comments and emails on my last Post featuring the book ” Monet’s Passion “. monets-books-1 Many of you asked about the clay pot in the pictures,  I wish I could tell you I had brought it back from England, but I didn.t.  I purchased this beauty at “ Snug Harbor Farm “, Kennebunk Maine.  One could never get bored visiting this place there is always a new experience just waiting to be discovered behind one of their doors!  They  have plants of so many varieties that it would be to many to list, their store carries the most beautiful garden ornaments and accessories that one dreams about placing in their own garden, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the animals that also inhabit their premises.


Welcome to Snug harbor Farm


They Have A Wonderful Open Door Policy And You Are Always Greeted With A Smile!



Okay Back To The Pots

If you are a gardener or someone who just loves clay pots this is the place for you!  In this particular barn I found a wonderful assortment of old English pots…what a find.  After searching for the right one, which for me can be a very long process, so I have been told.


 I am sure you know how it is, one has to much green moss, anouther has to little…  Once I settled on my prize I am quick to bring it up to the shop, pay for it and bring this lovely pot home.


So Sad to say  good-bye, but I promise I will be back to visit their enchanting Snug Harbor Farm another day!

 Au Revoir!

~ CC ~