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Yearly Archives: 2013


A Daughter’s Gift

When my daughter Tracy was little she would give me flowers, or rather, bouquets of weeda, dandelions and a peony here and there from our neighbor’s yard. Actually, she picked all my neighbor’s peonies (thankfully, my friend had a sense of humor). Years later, that same neighbor gave my daughter a peony bulb for graduation. [...]

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Mish Mash Thursday

Oh boy, did you ever have a day when you were here, there and everywhere? That is the kinda of couple of days I have had. Helping my daughter unpack in her new home, laundry, working on the book, painting, oops site went down…not to worry! InMotion hosting was on the job! Dropped the sauce [...]

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Choose Your Words Wisely

~ Inspirational Mondays ~ Warmly  Cheri

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Illustrating in my Paris Journal

I love having a journal where I can write and sketch whatever I please.  I am sure you know what I mean! I have such a book where I share my dreams, observations of life, ramblings of misspelled words and sentences that do not have to connect; it’s a place of freedom from criticisms. Sometimes [...]

Sketching and Painting

Designing Coco was so much fun! The sketching, inking, painting ... just all of it! Sometimes, (and not often enough) a project can just flow like magic from my imagination. Maybe because it was just a small painting? I don't know ... but who am I to tempt fate? Depending on the size of a [...]

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Spell bound

~ Inspirational Mondays ~ Warmly Cheri

BookExpo America

Last weekend I attended the BookExpo America conference in New York City where I met so many wonderful people, speakers, authors and publishers – it was truly a wonderful experience. Since I began setting my sketches of Kettle Cove to paper, I knew that I wanted to publish a book eventually.  Five years later, that [...]

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Spring Babies

I thought I might show you some of the goings-on here at Kettle Cove this past week. We have had quite a few new neighbors. They are rather cute, soft and furry all over. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, they are Easter Egger Bantam chicks. I could cuddle up with them all [...]

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Inspiration Illustration

Everyone’s receives inspiration differently. For me, one flower can inspire an entire picture, such as the painting "In the Garden," which is my current banner for my home and blog pages. The first thing I do when I am inspired is sketch out the idea on tracing paper. Why do I use tracing paper? Because [...]

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Hello Again

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I have enjoyed designing it. This was a labor of love for me and I am so proud to finally share it. There are plenty of new goodies to enjoy so take your time and explore. Visit the Kettle Cove map and click on the [...]

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